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Sometimes, facing problems alone can seem overwhelming. There are simply times that it is helpful to have another who can help us identify and consider various choices.  In some situations, we need to get rid of internal critical messages to consider available options.  At other times, our emotions may seem like a roller coaster ride, making it hard to think clearly. If you have never been in therapy, it takes strength to begin, but the rewards can be huge, changes for a lifetime.  I would be honored to talk with you and help you to seek the changes that you desire.


Pamela Carpenter is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, who has over 15 years of experience in helping clients make changes to experience happier and more fulfilled lives.  She enjoys working with individuals and families, including teens, adults, and those in their geriatric years.  She works with both those who may be undergoing life transitions and need short term counseling and with those who may be experiencing more chronic disorders or situations and require longer term care.

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